For Manufacturers

Declare your company a leader in the transparent materials economy.

Awareness of the health impacts of building product ingredients is increasing. Human and environmental health considerations have emerged as a crucial factor in material selection. Declare is a platform for manufacturers of ecologically sound products to demonstrate market leadership and secure a competitive advantage.

Declare gives manufacturers an expanded point of entry into the most groundbreaking restorative projects in the world. Project teams pursuing the Living Building Challenge - widely accepted to be the most advanced green building standard in the world – will use the Declare product database and label to select products that meet the Living Building Challenge’s stringent materials requirements, streamlining the materials specification and certification process.

Living Building Challenge project teams can use the Declare label zone jump beyond their normal Appropriate Sourcing radius; expanding the market potential for innovative manufacturers.

Declare in three easy steps:

  1. Complete a simple form with information about your company and your products and you will receive the Manufacturer’s Guide to Declare, a Product Declaration Form, and the Declare Terms and Conditions.
  2. Complete the form, have your CEO or another company leader sign the Terms and Conditions, and pay the fee.
  3. Receive the product label(s) and view your listing(s) in the online database. Use the labels to let everyone know that your products can contribute to the creation of the greenest buildings in the world.

DECLARE FEE: The Declare label is valid for a 12-month period. After this period manufacturers must renew by paying a renewal fee and either confirming that the information contained within the Product Declaration Form has not changed or submitting a new form.


  1 product 1 to 10 over 10
Per Product or Product Line $850 $700 $600
Fees listed are introductory rates and subject to change. 

Renewal Fee is 50% of the above fees if there are no changes to the product, 100% if there are any changes to the product ingredients. Any changes to product formulation with the 1-year period invalidate the Declare label and require the manufacturer to resubmit documentation and pay a 50% product change fee. To encourage companies to reduce the health and environmental impact of their products this fee is waived if the change is to remove a Red List ingredient.


For a limited time exhibitors at the 2015 Living Product Expo will receive one free Declare label. Combined participation in Declare and the Living Future 2015 trade show is a unique opportunity to connect with the world's leading green building specifiers. To reserve your booth, fill out the interest form below and you will be invoiced for a $500 deposit.


The International Living Future Institute offers customized consulting services to support manufacturers as they embrace transparency and investigate how their products meet the Living Building Challenge requirements. Product Consulting provides technical assistance to aid companies in transforming their products to meet the Materials Red List and Appropriate Sourcing Imperatives. The Institute will explore the manufacturing process, supply chain, and product performance requirements in order to eliminate Red List chemicals and materials and identify alternatives.

The Institute can help manufacturers gain a market advantage through Declare, TrimTab, and the annual Living Future unConference Trade Show. Product Consulting services help manufacturers develop strategies that leverage these platforms to communicate with a growing list of projects and organizations using the Living Building Challenge red list for materials specification.

For more information on fees and scheduling, contact the Living Building Challenge team.

Declare products are now featured on GreenWizard, a comprehensive Product Management Workflow and project collaboration provider used by thousands of design and construction professionals. Greenwizard enables the design and construction community to better manage products and projects, collaborate and assess compliance with the Living Building Challenge and LEED credits, simplifying the process for building healthy, sustainable and efficient construction projects.

Declare is also available in Chinese and French. It is administered in those languages by GIGA, with multi-lingual Declare labels available on GIGA’s international database of building products and material management platform.

GIGA is an independent third party catalyzing building material research and healthy building standards through cloud software